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Physical Education

Goals and FAQs

Goal: To motivate all students to enjoy being consistently active while participating in games and exercises in a safe, positive environment.


Q: Do students dress out/change clothes for PE at Fry?

A: No, they participate in the clothes they wear to school each day. We encourage students to bring an extra pair of closed toed tennis shoes if they prefer to wear sandals, dress shoes, or if they have a new pair of shoes that they do not want to get dirty while participating in activities outside.

Q: What kind of games do the students play in PE at Fry?

A: We have some excellent indoor and outdoor games suited for large groups of students. These include the standard sports, such as volleyball, basketball, flag football, soccer, kickball, and softball. Other fun games include relay races, breakout (dodgeball type game), showdown (basketball shooting game), and Cone Smash.

Q: What are training days?

A: Training days occur in PE every Tuesday and Thursday. These are the days that we focus on cardiovascular exercise. They are not a punishment, but rather used to show the students how they can consistently exercise to live a heart healthy lifestyle for the duration of their lives. Training day activities/exercises include pacers (sprints), the track (a walking/running course outside), team relay races, push-ups and sit-ups.

Q: If a student needs to sit out in PE for an injury, illness or other circumstance, what process should they go through?

A: Any student that needs to sit out from activity in PE must bring a signed and dated note written by their parent or guardian. This note does not need to have specific details, it just needs to explain that the student needs to sit out from any activities during PE that day. A parent note is good for up to three days. If a student needs to sit out any longer than three consecutive days, the school must have a doctor’s note on file with the school nurse and the student’s PE coach.

PE Coaches

Mark Young

Lauryn Caldwell

Tamara McDonald

Greer Bunker